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{☠} — “HєƖƖσ… ǀѕη’т тнιѕ тнє мσѕт fαηтαѕтιc ѕтяυcтυяє? Ɗιɗ уσυ мαкє тнιѕ?”

[Jack referred to the palace he had stumbled upon, and the queen that resided within. The door had opened with just a knock, so he’d invited himself inside.]

 { ❅ } [The queen stood still, her mouth nearly falling open in shock at the sight of the stranger in her palace. What…what was he? After a few seconds, she finally managed to find her voice again.]


Anonymous whispered: ✁ Anna or yourself


Anonymous whispered: ✁ Anna or Kristoff

     ”Anna. She’s my sister. I couldn’t not.”

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holypersonality whispered: Jesus entered the room wearing the dress exactly like Elsa's dress. "Elsa, give me your honest opinion about thi-" he saw Elsa was wearing the same exact dress. "Okay. One of us is going to have to change into something else..."

     ”…I feel nothing but a deep sense of confusion.”

Anonymous whispered: Well, I think that would be a great joke. Should I send my brother a letter telling him to send a couple bags of cabbages as well?

     ”That sounds excellent.






actually it is sex, hans

Anonymous whispered: I don't think I know of any Prince Hans. I do, however know of the Southern Isles. My brother lives there, and he's trying to get rid of an excess of cabbages.

     ”How would you feel about me buying every potato you have and having them sent to him?”

Anonymous whispered: Well, do you know anyone that might be interested in potatoes? I kinda need to sell these

     Thinking for a moment, an idea formed.

     ”You know what? I think I do. Ever heard of Prince Hans of the Southern Isles…?”